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Nov 05, 2020

Best Windows for Colorado

Colorado has a unique climate. Temperatures can swing from balmy and warm to cold and freezing throughout the year. And at times, these temperature swings can happen on the same day! While this can make deciding what clothes to wear guesswork—a warm sweater seems right on a cold morning, but will it be too hot in the warm afternoon?—it makes choosing the right replacement windows for your home in Colorado a little easier.

Energy Efficient Windows for Insulation

With such temperature extremes, your HVAC unit is likely as confused as you are about whether it should heat or cool your home. And an indecisive HVAC will hungrily consume energy, driving up your power bills. One key way to help it out and see some relief in your energy usage is to replace aging windows with energy-efficient models.

Energy-efficient replacement windows are crafted with state-of-the-art insulating features to help minimize heat loss on cold days and heat gain on warm ones. These features can include low-emissivity glass, which is formulated to reflect heat. Some windows even have multiple panes of Low-E glass for the ultimate in performance.

Hail-Resistant Windows

Another whim of Mother Nature that all Coloradoans must take precautions against is hail. Colorado is notorious for hailstorms, and if you have inferior windows on your home, those rascally balls of ice can make short work of the glass. When researching replacement windows, be sure to opt for impact-resistant glass so that your brand-new windows won’t be pummeled to pieces in the next hailstorm.

Best Replacement Windows for Colorado Homes

Colorado homeowners can confidently turn to Dreamstyle Remodeling for their window replacement project. Our house windows are some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market, with two panes of Low-E glass standard. For extra performance, we can include a third glass pane in the design, and we also offer impact-resistant glass as an option for superior protection against hail damage.

Learn more about why our replacement windows are the best choice for your home in Colorado by contacting Dreamstyle Remodeling today.

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