Add Shelter & Comfort to Your Outdoor Living Spaces in Albuquerque, NM, with High-Quality Patio Covers

Patio Covers Albuquerque NMSudden downpours and harsh sunlight have forced you off your patio enough times for you to finally accept the truth: Your patio needs a roof. But what kind of roof exactly? Umbrella tables provide only scant shelter, and a sunroom – well, that’s lovely, but you really want to preserve your patio’s open-air feel. Dreamstyle Remodeling has heard similar concerns from other Albuquerque residents, and, as an ideal solution, we install patio covers. Made by Four Seasons, one of the most respected manufacturers of outdoor living products, these patios will reliably shelter you from the weather while keeping your outdoor space comfortable during the most scorching summer.

Why Choose Dreamstyle Remodeling?

At Dreamstyle Remodeling, we’ve built a reputation for pairing premium products with top-notch service. After all, our long-held A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau is no accident. Our installation team comprises only certified, factory-trained technicians, and we have an ultra-responsive customer service department. As our many customers can attest, our projects are a model of outstanding service and meticulous workmanship. Simply put, with us, you’ll experience home improvement the way it should be.

Why Choose a Four Seasons Patio Cover?

Four Season patio covers are both stylish and long-lasting, and offer a bounty of options, including basic and custom designs. These covers are also:

  • Available in three roof styles, including insulated laminated roof panels for thermal protection and panels with embossed aluminum rafters for enhanced dimension
  • Incredibly durable, given that they are constructed from sturdy aluminum that won’t crack, warp, rot, or corrode
  • Easy to maintain, with components that retain their original color, texture, and gloss with minimal upkeep
  • Highly customizable with options such as ceiling fans for extra comfort

What Are You Waiting For?

To start the process of acquiring one of our patio covers, just contact Dreamstyle Remodeling. We can schedule a free consultation at your home and tell you all about the flexible financing options we offer to qualifying Albuquerque homeowners.