Enjoy the Warmth & Charm of a Wood Stove, Pellet Stove or Gas Fireplace Insert.

Take the edge off the desert chill off with a cozy, energy efficient wood stove, pellet stove, or gas fireplace insert from the Dreamstyle Stove Shop.

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing evening in front of a dancing fire from a convenient, easy-to-operate gas fireplace. Or keep your family snug and comfortable with the efficient warmth from your own wood stove or pellet stove, two of the best ways to stay warm while avoiding high utility costs.

The hearth and stove experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling are eager to help you choose the stove or gas fireplace insert that is just right for your needs and budget. We sell, install, and service the country’s most trusted stove brands, including Blaze King, Lopi, Enviro Fire, and Kozy Heat.

Wood stoves and pellet stoves are among the most popular home heating products on the market today. The steady heat generated by these low-cost alternatives is perfect for warming a single room or, with proper venting, an entire home. You’ll enjoy the independence from expensive pipeline gas, propane, or electric energy, along with the savings on your monthly utility bill.

For convenience and safety, nothing tops a gas fireplace insert. Get the beauty, warmth, and appeal of a cozy fire, all without the hassle of chopping wood or cleaning ashes from the hearth. A push of a button is all that is needed to create a crackling fire that is safe, contained, and provides hours of pleasure.

Ready to get comfortable? Stop by one of our locations today in Albuquerque or Santa Fe to see our wide selection of stoves and fireplace inserts, along with all the accessories and supplies you’ll need to enjoy the warmth of your new stove!