Enjoy the Warmth & Charm of a Wood Stove, Pellet Stove or Gas Fireplace Insert.

Fireplace Take the edge off the desert chill off with a cozy, energy efficient wood stove, pellet stove, or gas fireplace insert from the Dreamstyle Stove Shop.

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing evening in front of a dancing fire from a convenient, easy-to-operate gas fireplace. Or keep your family snug and comfortable with the efficient warmth from your own wood stove or pellet stove, two of the best ways to stay warm while avoiding high utility costs.

The hearth and stove experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling are eager to help you choose the stove or gas fireplace insert that is just right for your needs and budget. We sell, install, and service the country’s most trusted stove brands, including Blaze King, Lopi, Enviro Fire, and Kozy Heat.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are becoming an increasingly popular addition for homeowners because they offer the aesthetic appeal of a traditional fireplace but are much more energy efficient. The wood stove options we offer at Dreamstyle Remodeling come in a number of different styles so no matter what the interior of your home looks like, you’ll be able to find one that matches it perfectly. What’s more, depending on the size of your home, our wood stoves can heat up your entire house, not just one room, making them a much better option than a traditional fireplace that only heats up the room where it’s located.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are great because they come with all of the same heating benefits that a wood stove offers, but they are fueled with all-natural wood by-products that are clean, compact, easy-to-use, and safe for the environment. Additionally, the fire inside of pellet stoves is contained in a heat box which minimizes the amount of smoke coming from them. Not only will this reduce the smell of smoke in your home, but it will also prevent the outside of your unit from heating up. What’s more, our pellet stoves come in a number of different styles, so you can find one that will match your home’s existing aesthetics perfectly.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

For convenience and safety, nothing tops a gas fireplace insert. Get the beauty, warmth, and appeal of a cozy fire, all without the hassle of chopping wood or cleaning ashes from the hearth. A push of a button is all that is needed to create a crackling fire that is safe, contained, and provides hours of pleasure.

Delivery & Installation Services Available

We also offer delivery and installation services for all of the pellet stoves, wood stoves, and gas fireplace inserts that we sell. Should you choose this option, we will deliver your new product to your home and our professional installers will get right to work to ensure that it is installed correctly and functions perfectly. This will allow you to start reaping the benefits of your new pellet stove, wood stove, or gas fireplace insert right away.

Helpful Customer Service from Start to Finish

When you choose to work with Dreamstyle Remodeling, you’re choosing to work with a company that truly cares about what’s best for our customers. That’s why once you contact us, we will come out to your home for a free, no-obligation, consultation where we will speak with you to learn about your needs, and then recommend a product that will be suited to meet them all. What’s more, we will always be available to answer any questions that you have throughout the entire process and will never consider a job finished until you’re completely satisfied.

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