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Jan 04, 2018

The Features and Benefits of Alumawood Lattice® Patio Covers

The installation of patio covers can add sophistication, protection from the elements, increased furniture life and more decorative options for your space. It also makes your patios more accessible and can easily act as the bridge between your interior and exterior design elements.

As the area’s authority on remodeling, we proudly present our Elitewood lattice® patio covers. With their unique metallic composition, they are sure to make your investment worth every penny. Here’s a look at the many features and benefits they bring to the table.

What Is Elitewood Made Of?

Elitewood is made from structural grade aluminum alloy finished with an exclusive, high-performance coating system.  As its name suggests, the manufacturing process behind this patio cover makes it appear just like a wooden cover. Elitewood, however, has a sleeker finish and texture and isn’t as susceptible to water and heat damage like real wood.

No Need to Paint

You won’t ever need to paint them. Our Elitewood products are resistant to both chipping and fading. They’ll retain their appearance no matter the amount of exposure to the elements so homeowners won’t have to worry constant maintenance.. Its long service life, resistance to the elements, and low-maintenance properties are just a few reasons they are among the best patio covers for your home.

Durable and Lightweight

Our Classic Series Lattice covers are made of strong, durable and lightweight materials. This means you can count on them for continuous protection throughout the changing seasons. This also makes them more physically resilient and sturdy, allowing them to withstand strong winds and battery from wind-driven debris. As they also feature an embossed cedar texture, they perfectly capture the authentic look of cut wood.

Customizable Options

Available in a wide array of options, our patio covers make the art of complementing your home an easy task. You can even try mixing and matching two lattice covers of different colors to further accentuate the unique look of your home. Elitewood’s extended color palette allows you to choose “rarer” colors for your new patio cover. This makes it a great choice for traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Minimal Maintenance

Made of totally weather-resistant materials, our patio covers will stay beautiful year after year while offering you ample comfort and protection from the sun. You won’t have to worry about common issues that affect other patio covers such as cracking, warping or even splitting.

What sets Elitewood apart is its high tolerance to water damage. Wooden patio covers are notoriously weak to water damage and will require specialized finishing to make it more resistant to rain and moisture.

Elitewood also has a natural resistance to water and moisture damage and doesn’t shrink over time compared with wooden patio covers. Our patio cover’s minimal maintenance requirements and longer service life span make it the best choice for your patios.

Dreamstyle Remodeling is your premier source of top-quality solid patio covers. Since we began back in 1989, we’ve turned the remodeling dreams of more than 60,000 homeowners into reality. Whether you need advice on what patio covers to pick or help with your upcoming patio cover installation, you can count on our team to get the job done right.

As your local dealer of Elitewood patio covers, we pride ourselves on installing your new covers in such a manner that they last for as long as possible. We serve multiple areas in NM, including Albuquerque and other nearby cities. Contact us today at (877) 721-1590 to get a free quote.

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