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Apr 11, 2016

3 Easy Tips on Choosing Entry Door Colors

As one of your home’s most visible design elements, your entry door greatly contributes to its curb appeal. It helps define the overall look of your home, while setting everyone’s expectations on what the rest of your living spaces looks like. If you want to make a big impact, make sure that your entry doors feature the right colors.


Dreamstyle Remodeling, your reliable home improvement contractor provides insight on how to choose the best color for your entry doors in Tucson.

1. Look around for inspiration. Drive around your neighborhood and note the entry door colors used by other houses. This doesn’t mean your own entry door should have the same exact color. Rather, choose a shade in the same palette that can make your home stand out while still complementing the neighborhood.

2. Consider your home’s architectural style. You’ll want an entry door that doesn’t look out place with the rest of your home. For this reason, be sure to choose a color that’s traditionally associated with your home’s architectural style. Colonial-style homes, for instance, usually feature black or darker hues of green, gray, and blue for their entry doors.

A Spanish Mission home will be perfect with an entry door done in earthy tones of brown or red. A turquoise-colored door, on the other hand, will be an excellent choice for Mediterranean homes. You can also take cues from the surrounding landscape for your choice of colors. If you have storm doors in Tucson, make sure that they can the match the shade of your entry door.

3. Use light and deep colors. Unlike medium tones, light and deep colors are more eye-catching. Colors in this category include white, cream, tan, or beige. These look best, however, when you can use them to contrast with a dark-colored home exterior. A light-colored door that matches with same-colored siding can look bland, after all.

If you’re still unsure on your choice of entry door colors, consult Dreamstyle Remodeling. Our selection of ProVia® entry doors come in lovely colors and finishes that easily complements any home’s existing décor and style. These include standard white, beige, stone, and clay finishes, along with primrose yellow, enzian blue, and vallis red.

If you’re already tired of your existing unit’s fading or peeling color, our ProVia Heritage™ and Legacy Steel doors in Tucson will make excellent replacements. With their 5-step stain and paint finishing system, you can enjoy a lasting, more durable color for your entry doors.

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