A Gorgeous New Bathtub or Shower System Can Revitalize Your Bathroom in Your Albuquerque, NM Home

Everyone deserves to have an inviting, luxurious bathroom. If your tub or shower is outdated and prevents you from really enjoying a hot soak or rinse, consider a bathtub or shower replacement from the experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling. We can customize and install a tub or shower system that reflects your personality and has all the accessories you need to maximize your bathing experience. As a full-service bathroom remodeling company, we offer the following options for our customers:

Dreamstyle Shower Systems

If a shower is more your style, Dreamstyle Remodeling will be happy to complete a bathtub conversion. We install elegant shower systems, which can be completely customized to bring a new look to your bathroom and provide all the functionality you need to make the space your own with quality fixtures such as recessed shelving and a flip-down seat. With their low thresholds and the option for conveniently placed grab bars, our showers can also be tailored to make bathing safer for those who may be aging in place or have mobility issues.

Jacuzzi® Walk-In Tubs

Get the most out of your bathroom renovation with a Jacuzzi® walk-in tub. The high walls of these tubs allow for a full-body soak and Jacuzzi®’s famous hydrotherapy jets provide a gentle, relaxing massage. Plus, the in-line water heater will keep your bathwater warm, so you can bask in your bliss for as long as you want. These tubs also feature low step-in basins that eliminate the need for stepping over a high tub wall, making it easier to get into and out of the bathing space.

Custom Bathroom Remodels

Dreamstyle Remodeling is prepared to go beyond a walk-in tub or shower installation if you’re ready to completely make over your bathroom. Our talented design team will work closely with you to achieve your dream bathroom, and you can count on our highly skilled technicians to install every product flawlessly.

To learn more about the Jacuzzi® walk-in tubs and Dreamstyle shower systems that we install and to discover how they can meet your aesthetic, functional, and safety needs, contact the bathroom renovation experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling today.