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Sep 02, 2022

Does a Bath Remodel Increase Home Value?

A luxurious, modern bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and elegant fixturesA bathroom remodel is one of the most highly coveted home improvement projects, and it isn’t difficult to imagine why. After all, the bathroom is one of the most used spaces within the home, and one where comfort and relaxation are of the greatest importance. However, many homeowners wonder if investing in such a major project will be worth it in terms of increasing the value of their home. So, does a bath remodel increase home value? The experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling are here to help answer that.

In short, a bathroom remodel does typically increase the value of a home. However, this can depend on many factors, as certain features can add more of less value than others. If you’re thinking about investing in a bathroom remodel but want to make sure you get the best value for your dollar, here are some things to consider:

Bathtub vs. Shower

The primary element of your bathroom that is likely to see a major change during a remodel is your bathing fixture. A sleek, modern walk-in shower or a luxurious bathtub can be an attractive selling point for potential buyers, especially if it happens to be the master bath you’re remodeling.

Style & Substance

A bathroom remodel is your chance to completely revamp the space to ensure it meets all your aesthetic preferences, but you’ll want to keep things fairly classic if you want to sell your home at some point in time. Avoiding garish colors or other overly trendy features can help increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell.

Learn More From the Bathroom Remodeling Experts

To discuss your plans for your own bathroom remodel and how such a project can increase the value of your home, get in touch with the specialists at Dreamstyle Remodeling. Contact us today to get started.

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