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Jan 03, 2020

How Often Should Your Bathtub Be Replaced?


Signs It's Time to Replace Your BathtubWhile you may jump at the chance to renovate certain parts of your home, there may be other aspects you’d rather put off. Take your bathtub for example—this is a fixture that you use frequently, if not every day. However, you’re probably wondering how often you should really have to replace your bathtub; it can’t be that common, right? It’s understandable that you don’t want to upgrade your tub unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary. There is no set timeframe for when to update your bathtub, but there are several signs that it’s time for a replacement.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Bathtub

You shouldn’t simply go by the age of your tub when considering replacing it. You may want to seriously consider updating your bathtub if you notice any of the following:


This is the biggest and most urgent sign that your current tub needs to go. Any water leaking from the bathtub can spell trouble for your bathroom and home, so you should take action as soon as you notice it. If you’re unsure whether your tub is leaking or if it’s just ordinary droplets from getting out of a bath, fill the basin with water and plug the drain. Check back every hour or so to see if the water level lowers and if any water has pooled around the base.


A cracking tub can be the culprit of many issues. You may not be experiencing leaks yet, but cracks in your bathtub will almost certainly lead to it. Not to mention that a cracked tub is less than appealing to look at, and can even create an uncomfortable or dangerous bathing experience. The last thing you want is to cut yourself on a jagged crack, so this is a problem you’ll want to quickly address with a bathtub replacement.


Another unattractive characteristic is stains on your bathtub. Nearly all baths are white or a light color, so it’s pretty easy to notice when yours is stained. Some stains or blemishes may come out with some effective cleaning products and elbow grease, but you should not have to work up a sweat and throw out your back trying to endlessly scrub away stains. Instead, opt for a newer tub that only requires an occasional wipe-down.

Mold & Mildew

While ordinary stains on your bathtub are unsightly, they are typically harmless. Mold and mildew, on the other hand, can pose a risk for you and your family’s health, in addition to being an eyesore. As soon as you notice either of these growing in or around your tub, you should immediately address it with a cleaner specifically created for eliminating mold and mildew. If the problem persists and you frequently see either one growing, then you should replace your bath as quickly as possible.

Difficulty Using It

Your bathtub should suit your needs; it’s located in your house and you use it daily. So if you have any difficulty getting into or out of your tub, or are generally unhappy with its functionality, you should consider replacing it with an easier, more convenient model.  Many bathtubs today are designed with lower ledges, or you could even opt for a walk-in tub. Don’t let your health and happiness be jeopardized because your bathtub doesn’t suit your needs.

Partner With Dreamstyle Remodeling

If you’re experiencing any of these situations and are ready for a bathtub replacement, let the professionals at Dreamstyle Remodeling help you make it happen. As an experienced home remodeling company, we offer a range of bathtub replacement services and products to help you create the perfect bathing experience. We proudly offer walk-in baths from industry-leader Jacuzzi® that are designed with an ultra-low entry threshold and wide-opening door for an easier and safer transition. Or, if you’d like to forgo having a bathtub entirely, we can expertly convert the area into a beautiful shower. Our shower systems feature low step-in basins and customizable wall panels for a gorgeous upgrade that will seamlessly blend with your bathroom’s décor.

No matter which bathtub replacement service you turn to us for, you can expect a top-quality new fixture to adorn your bathroom. All of our bath and shower products are crafted from nonporous, durable materials so you can expect them to be long-lasting and exceptionally easy to clean. And, to ensure that your new tub or shower performs to its full potential, our certified and trained craftsmen will professionally install it according to industry-best practices. As a bonus, we can usually complete installations in as little as one day.

The dedicated team at Dreamstyle Remodeling is here to help you turn your mess into a miracle. As soon as you notice any signs that it may be time to replace your bathtub, contact us to speak with a consultant and have all of your questions answered.

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