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Feb 09, 2015

The Door Discussion: Traditional Wood vs. Steel Entry Doors

For a long time, wood was the go-to material for entry doors in Tucson. They’re strong and provide ample security. They’re very flexible in terms of design too. Naturally, many homeowners want to have them on their doorsteps.

But lately, manufacturers such as ProVia® have been producing doors made with other materials that are outperforming wood in terms of strength, longevity, and even beauty. In this particular entry, we focus on one of the fastest-rising door materials,steel.

When it comes to leaving great impressions on guests or neighbors, many homeowners immediately think of wood doors. But we here at Dreamstyle Remodeling think that a steel door will yield much better results. Here’s why:

  • Steel doors have a higher return on investment (ROI) average than wood ones.  According to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost Vs. Value Report,” a mid range steel door replacement can recoup up 101.8% of its original cost. That’s the highest ROI on the list.
  • Steel doors are more affordable.One of the qualms many homeowners have about installing wood doors is that they’re quite costly. Sure, they look great, but not everyone can shoulder the expense. Steel doors, on the other hand, are also impressive-looking but cost significantly less. In fact, according to Remodeling’s report, the national average of cost of a mid range steel door replacement project is $1,230. It’s the project with the lowest cost on the list, but it returns your investment the best.
  • Steel doors are very cost-effective.The look and strength of wood doors come with a price: demanding upkeep. They’re vulnerable to rotting, peeling, and warping. Many need repainting every couple of years. Steel doors are quite the opposite. They hardly need any costly maintenance. That saves you a lot of dollars on repairs and upkeep in the long run.
  • Steel doors are one of the most energy-efficient options around. Because wood is prone to warping, cracking, and rotting, they may lose their insulating properties over time. On the other hand,many steel doors, such as ProVia’s Legacy™ Steel units, are foam-filled for better insulation. They have special adhesives or thermal barriers that keep heat and cold transfer to a minimum. They help your HVAC systems in maintaining indoor temperatures. This can cut down your energy bills by a considerable amount. Legacy Steel doors are ENERGY STAR® certified, which means their energy-efficiency properties are verified.
  • Steel doors look as great as wood, if not better.  ProVia’s Legacy Steel doors convincingly emulate the look of a wood door. The smoothly embossed units look classically elegant and are well suited for homes with a traditional design. They also have wood-grain-textured doors that are ruggedly handsome and blend superbly with the outdoors. The units also have high-definition contouring details that can do wonderful things for your home exterior.
  • Steel doors are unmatched in terms of security.They provide maximum protection against the elements, even under harsh weather conditions. The sturdy panels provide better security and privacy than a traditional wood door ever will. They’re built to last, so they can protect your home in years to come.

Putting a steel door before your front step is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. When it comes to installing high-quality ProVia Legacy Steel doors in Tucson and surrounding areas, only trustus experts at Dreamstyle Remodeling. Give us a call today at (800) 827-2416.

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