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Mar 24, 2017

4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in Cabinet Refacing

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, minor kitchen remodels are among the top five projects with the highest recoupable amount – as much as 80.2% of the original cost. Cabinet refacing is a great investment for a kitchen remodel, provided that your kitchen cabinets are still structurally sound.

Cabinet Refacing

If you’re trying to decide between replacing or refacing your kitchen cabinets, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the condition of my cabinets? Old kitchen cabinets always look like they are begging to be replaced, but in most cases, kitchen cabinets can remain structurally sound decades after installation. Kitchen cabinets in this condition are perfect candidates for refacing: unlike a full replacement, refacing keeps the original structure intact.

Check your cabinets’ condition by looking for signs of deterioration or effects of moisture: swollen wood, warped frames, and sagging doors. Don’t worry about the hardware and cabinet fronts; they will get replaced whether you reface or replace.

2. Do I need a new cabinet layout? Perhaps you need to accommodate a bigger microwave or extra-wide appliances like a pizza maker. If parking these items somewhere else is not an option, it may be better to have your cabinets replaced with a new, custom layout.

3. Does my kitchen look dated? We’re not kidding when we said kitchen cabinets can last decades. Well-maintained kitchens built in the 1980s would still have the same cabinets in working condition to this day. Unfortunately, the same kitchens would likely look like they’re still in the 80s. Refacing these cabinets can bring it up to date. This could also be an opportunity to update those retro countertops.

4. Do I repaint my cabinets? Repainting indoor cabinets is a lot of hassle, even if you hire other people to do it. The smell of paint lingers for days and it could disrupt your kitchen schedule. Refaced cabinets, on the other hand, are installed quickly, require minimal maintenance, and will definitely not require repainting.

We at Dreamstyle Remodeling offer fast, easy, and durable cabinet refacing installation. Where traditional cabinet refacing processes merely attach veneer to the cabinet frame and doors, our refacing process includes manufacturing new custom cabinet doors and installing them with brand new hardware. The resulting kitchen cabinets will look much better, last longer, and look timeless.

If you would like to have your kitchen cabinets refaced, call Dreamstyle Remodeling today at (877) 721-1590. We serve the Albuquerque and the adjacent areas. Alternatively, fill out our contact form for a free in-home consultation with an experienced, friendly member of our team.

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