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Jun 02, 2014

In Season: Ways to Increase Your Home’s Aesthetic Value

A “beautiful house” is not complete without a landscape thick of foliage and blooming flowers. In fact, a bed of plants and flowers leading to your doorstep can contribute in increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Albuquerque residents who are looking into doing home improvement projects this season can learn a thing or two from this new method called “vertical gardening”:

Gardens that grow vertically rather than spreading across the landscape are all the rage among urban gardening fans these days. Their popularity is due in large part to the fact that they allow homeowners and renters alike to grow bountiful crops of produce or flowers in a small area of square footage. You don’t need a big backyard–a vertical garden will work just fine on a small strip of soil in front of your house or even on a balcony.

Of course, that is just one aspect of our home improvement tips. While you are into enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property, you might as well consider updating your doors and windows:

Make Your Entry Doors More Welcoming

It is common knowledge that your entry door can make or break a visitor’s impression of your house. It is the first thing visitors see in a closer perspective, so you should definitely get rid of that old wooden door with peeling paint and nicked edges. A new front door can accentuate the look of your exteriors, especially when color-coded with your siding.

Give Your Windows A New Look

No one will be impressed with rotting frames no matter how everything else looks. It is best that you refer to a reliable company for window replacement in Albuquerque to make sure that you are better guided with how to make your new frames go with the overall design of your home.

In making ways to beautify your house, however, you should always adhere to the balance of form and function. You can achieve an ideal home with the help of DreamStyle Remodeling. We are more than happy to deliver our range of home improvement services – from replacement windows in Albuquerque and entry doors to bath conversions.

(Article Excerpt From Vertical Gardens Offer More than Just Space Saving,, May 20, 2014)        

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